Suggestion for improved HUD readability

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How about when sanity goes up there is a green arrow and when it goes down there is a red arrow. The way it is right now (at least for me) it's very hard to tell if sanity is going up or down unless you sit very close to the screen. Other than that small thing everything is awesome, I especially like that I can tweak resource amounts and such in the world menu.

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.... You need glasses and/or a better graphics card and/or a better monitor.

Sorry if I come across as being rude, but I have no problem with with it and have watched videos at 480p and have no problem with the arrow.

It *could* be that you have to fix your resolution settings or something, though.

I'm against this because it can and will cause issues with colour blind or colour deficient players. I am neither, but my eyes aren't extremely comfortable with overlapping colours and such.

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