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Can someone help me please :(

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It works perfectly fine for me on all of my computer. I can't be absolutely sure right now as my cat is sleeping on my computer. Can barely type this.

That's the same situation as Winnie's portrait. It worked for us, but then in JarDev's video it was a black square. And the cause was it not having powers of two dimensions.

I don't know why when a selectscreen/saveslot portrait or bigportrait doesn't have powers of 2 dimensions they become black squares but only sometimes (or more precisely on some PCs), but it seems to be a thing. And your wil.tex bigportrait does indeed not have powers of two dimensions:

File: wil.tex	size: 560x720
Since the positioning/proportion is correct, all you have to do is extend the background to 1024x1024 without rescaling the image.
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