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Mod Error (RPG HUD Neat 25) Would appreciate help

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The error happens if i pres the R key or the B key. As you can see, i am only using the RPG mod by itself and the error still happens. I have validated my game files and reinstalled the game as well. (then yesterday i validated the files again)


The mod author told me to come here to ask you talented folks here at the Klei's forums if you could help me with the issue. (Yes, the issue also appears to happen with the othe rRPG HUD mods.)


"Best thing I can think of is making a thread about it on Klei's official site[forums.kleientertainment.com] since you could have the help of the devs and more talented modders than myself. Sorry I couldn't help."


Thank you for taking the time to read my plea for help.

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Its using r and b to show/hide crafting menus and backpack. I guess it would/might crash if you use them without the game running (that is on menus alone)? Otherwise I don't know, might be something specific to newest steam update.


Hrm. Seems it happens on the main menu only now. But i was sure it happened in game as well.. Well, this is good news. (Haven't tested while paused. But will do so after a shower.)

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