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[Character Mods] Requesting Advice!

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I have made many, many characters and placed their titles, names, stats, etc. in a .txt file and I have drawn a bit of concept art inside of a personal sketchpad.

Now the only problem I have is, how do I implement them? I am very, very new to creating a mod. The only instance of a mod I ever made was a vehicle or two I made on Garry's Mod and shared. And there were mediocre, at best.

Does anyone know if a sort of program exists or if there is a very simple way of creating and adding a character?


tl;dr: I'm not sure how to make a character and want to know if there is a way to make it easier.

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Here is a good place to start:




Reading the pinned topics in the modding section could be handy as well.

Thank you for this! Funniest part is, his description of a good artist who had no idea about technical stuff described me pretty well. x3

But yeah, thank you!

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