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How do you get food?

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Yes,one simple question,with many answers.

I personaly use three ways.

1.Rabbit Hole-Trapping

Make a bunch of traps.Really a lot.Put them on all the bunny holes.Now,kill one rabbit,or scare them away by something (Night-time is enough)

Now,you will hear lots of traps falling.Procceed to get all of the delicious and Evil-Earned morsel.Replant the traps.

At morning/after a while come back,Collect,replant.As long as you make it quickly enough,it will work.

2.Innocent Pig Slaying

My most favourite and preffered way.

Whack one pig to death,pick up meat.Run,let one pig punch air.

All except one wich tried to punch will run away,kite the one and repeat from step above this one.

Enjoy lots of meat.

Way 2:Get them stuck,and let them come one by one.

3.Plain Nature

Three choices:

Plant spider egg sacks near pig village

Plant some treeguards near pig village

Let hounds come in pig village

Give half of pigs morsel or monster meat and attack one pig but dont whack it

Opt:Make some popcorn

Opt:Enjoy the battle and eat popcorn

Dont get killed

But still,how do you prefer to get food?

Do you kite pigs , like me?

Do you intercept innocent bunnies,and then eat their morsel?

Or do you enjoy gobbling Drumsticks?

Let me know,also dont post the boring way - FARMING.

Farming isnt fun way and not even fun to read: "Oh I just grow crops and cook them.The end"

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