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Few Suggestions

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First. Sorry for my English but i hope that you will understand.



Some new uses for items


  • Spider Gland - Can be used as fertilizer
  • Spider Gland - Can be used as fuel to Ice Flingomatic
  • Beefalo Wool - Can be used the same as sew kit but only for Beefalo Hat

New item

  • Combinator - Machine, that can Combine 2 items (for example 1xPuffy Vest(20%)+1xPuffy Vest (40%)= 1xPuffy Vest (60%) )- Sometimes we have too many things with 20-30 or 40%.and it is annoying keep these things around. Combinator can have more uses... for example combine seed and green musrhroom you can get musrhroom seed. Or combine fire staff with ice staff you can get Star caller´s staff etc.
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First welcome to the Forums!


Spider Glands are fine as low tier healing item and make them anything else would be a bit OP was they're really easy to get. Also it doesn't really make since how the glands of the spider is fuel or fertilizer.


The Beefalo wool idea makes sense but is not needed, making 1 universal sewing kits keeps it simple and easy to use. (otherwise would shouldn't silk be used to "heal" tophats since they're made of wool etc)


The Combinator is also not needed as if you have multiple pieces of clothing you can use the lower percentage ones as fuel 


The idea about more gem combinations (although blue and red gems make purple games not yellow ones) is a good one. Combining blue and yellow gemes to make green ones,  yellow and red ones to make orange ones etc would be an awesome addition to DS and would make getting yellow, green and orange gems a lot easier

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