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[Help needed] Custom music for RoG

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Hello everybody.


I'm asking for help because I would like to have a custom music mod for Reign of Giants. I'm actually bored of always switching music myself.
I know how to do it with the Vanilla game thanks to Cheerio's tutorial, but I simply don't know how to do it for Reign of Giants. And the fact that I am the Worst Moder EUW doesn't help.

I thank you in advance for your future answers.


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Yo Gallo. Idk how to made a real mod what you can use like the other mods but I found a way to could listen my own song ingame. For example this 'mod'. But anyways. If you would like to edit the fsb files which are contains sounds, you'll need only two tools. An FsbExtractor and the FMOD Studio API Windows. With the first, you can extract the sound files from fsb format and with the API program can make from the selected mp3 files your own fsb that override the main file. But don't forget. The game won't play longer the sounds as the original. I mean if originally the DS_Summer_Working was 39 seconds, the exchanged file won't play longer than 39 secons.

Thank you for the answer. Well, I'll give it a try asap then!

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