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The Wilson Project

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I guess the Art forum here is a good place as any to help promote this little project over here too.


So hi everybody! So Ohm (1milliondeadwilsons) had the cool idea of getting everybody to draw their version of our favorite dork of a scientist. Everyone has a unique style and seeing all the Wilsons that appear is great. So why not have a little project?!

So how are we going to do this? It’s rather quite simple actually. Draw a Wilson in full body. It doesn’t matter which direction he is facing for all of these Wilsons are going to go into one big banner. It’s going to be essentially one big group shot! There are just a few requirements. Not a lot but a few.

1: Draw your Wilson full bodied. 
2: Draw him in color please. 
3: Draw him either in Digital or Traditional media. If drawing in digital make sure he is transparent. If drawing in traditional save him as a .png for best quality. He will be made transparent if you aren’t able to do so yourself. 
4: Please do not add any other characters/creatures. They may be covered up depending on how they are placed. I wouldn’t want your hard work to be completely covered up. An exception could be made if Wilson is holding an item or is holding the creature. Definitely no other characters though. Sorry, this is a Wilson project after all.
5: Submit your finished Wilson to aarinsritsuka@gmail.com or if you would prefer you can submit it to tumblr at askwilliamcarter (role play blog I know but that’s the blog I check most often).
6: As I said before if submitting traditionally please save it as a .png. if submitting digitally please save it in which ever format you prefer so as long as your Wilson stays transparent.
7: Please have your canvas no more and no less then 850px wide by 1200px high.
8: Please make sure it is between 75dpi and 100dpi.
9: For traditional artists please scan your images at over 100dpi. From what I have been getting 300 dpi is best. I believe scanners automatically do this. If you do not have a scanner and must take a picture of it please take it at the highest quality you can.

10: Please keep your Wilson canon looking. Draw him actually full body or chibi or whatever suits your style as long as he stays canon looking please.

11: When you send in your picture please state what name you would like to be credited as and if you have a link to a website that you would like to be posted along with it (like a tumblr or DA page).

See? Not too complicated at all. All artists will, of course, be credited.

I do not have a properly set end date for this but I think until the end of August should be an ample start of a time line.


If you have any questions please contact me at aarinsritsuka@gmail.com (for this project), askwilliamcarter.tumblr.com or AarinsRitsuka on Deviant Art. You can also contact Ohm at 1milliondeadwilsons.tumblr.com or on their Deviant Art at DEMachina.


Will post more updates as needed.

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