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  1. I guess the Art forum here is a good place as any to help promote this little project over here too. So hi everybody! So Ohm (1milliondeadwilsons) had the cool idea of getting everybody to draw their version of our favorite dork of a scientist. Everyone has a unique style and seeing all the Wilsons that appear is great. So why not have a little project?! So how are we going to do this? It’s rather quite simple actually. Draw a Wilson in full body. It doesn’t matter which direction he is facing for all of these Wilsons are going to go into one big banner. It’s going to be essentially one big group shot! There are just a few requirements. Not a lot but a few. 1: Draw your Wilson full bodied. 2: Draw him in color please. 3: Draw him either in Digital or Traditional media. If drawing in digital make sure he is transparent. If drawing in traditional save him as a .png for best quality. He will be made transparent if you aren’t able to do so yourself. 4: Please do not add any other characters/creatures. They may be covered up depending on how they are placed. I wouldn’t want your hard work to be completely covered up. An exception could be made if Wilson is holding an item or is holding the creature. Definitely no other characters though. Sorry, this is a Wilson project after all. 5: Submit your finished Wilson to aarinsritsuka@gmail.com or if you would prefer you can submit it to tumblr at askwilliamcarter (role play blog I know but that’s the blog I check most often). 6: As I said before if submitting traditionally please save it as a .png. if submitting digitally please save it in which ever format you prefer so as long as your Wilson stays transparent. 7: Please have your canvas no more and no less then 850px wide by 1200px high. 8: Please make sure it is between 75dpi and 100dpi. 9: For traditional artists please scan your images at over 100dpi. From what I have been getting 300 dpi is best. I believe scanners automatically do this. If you do not have a scanner and must take a picture of it please take it at the highest quality you can. 10: Please keep your Wilson canon looking. Draw him actually full body or chibi or whatever suits your style as long as he stays canon looking please. 11: When you send in your picture please state what name you would like to be credited as and if you have a link to a website that you would like to be posted along with it (like a tumblr or DA page). See? Not too complicated at all. All artists will, of course, be credited. I do not have a properly set end date for this but I think until the end of August should be an ample start of a time line. If you have any questions please contact me at aarinsritsuka@gmail.com (for this project), askwilliamcarter.tumblr.com or AarinsRitsuka on Deviant Art. You can also contact Ohm at 1milliondeadwilsons.tumblr.com or on their Deviant Art at DEMachina. Will post more updates as needed.
  2. I did a 'define interitus' on google and it said: interitus ūs, m inter+I-, overthrow, fall, ruin, destruction, annihilation: interitum rei p. lugere: familiam ab interitu vindicare: omnium rerum interitūs: exercitūs. —Death: Sabini, Cs.: voluntarius: tuum ingemuisse interitum, V. In one of the Latin sites that came up
  3. I.... I don't remember this response being like this.
  4. I like this thought. What if the letters that are appearing are in a order where you take the scare and re-arrange the letters or put them together to form a new word or words? Because isn't it strange something musical would be mentioned? Or maybe those numbers.... Numbers could be pitches on a music scale.... Now I'm just rambling.
  5. I don't know but I find it slightly strange Cake is capitalized. And we already identified D, A, D, E. maybe C? I think there might be something to this music thing. I don't know. Just thought I would put something in.
  6. (In)SanityThe sound. Such a horrible, terrible sound like nails upon a chalkboard. So harsh to the ears. The single light in the room gently waved back and forth revealing what little the room had to offer. A chair and a desk. Such a lonely little set. Books and posters. Pages torn from its bindings. A single jacket and a single vase where flowers simply hang. “Tenebris…” Scratching. Whispering. Tap tap tapping. He wanted them to go away. Sanity. Insanity. He didn’t know which. Was he in reality? Was he in a dream? Or was it a nightmare? A nightmare which he could never escape? “Voces…” A nightmare. Yes. A nightmare. That’s what it had to be. All he needed to do was wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Wake up and be free! If he woke up things would be back to how they should be. He could be with his family. Mother. Father. Please help me. Brother. Where could you be? Darling nieces. What happened to thee? "Alucinatio…" Would he ever wake up? Oh what had he done. The voices. The whispers. The scratching and tapping. They all grew louder. Fingers tore. Fingers cut right into the wood. Past paper and glue. "Insaniam…" Why was he so stupid? Why did he choose this path? Why couldn’t he had picked a normal career. Something like everyone else had? No. No he chose this. He was now facing the consequence. Maybe it would have been better if he had been dead? "Devinctionibus…" Yes. Death would have been better than this. Far better. This was far worse than death’s cold fate. Would he have gone to heaven? Maybe. Hell? Most definitely. His sins. His trouble. His pride. Greed. Envy. His lust for me. It just kept building. Simply more and more! "Magicae…" And where was she? Where was his light? His light in all this darkness. Where was she to disrupt this darkness? He needed her. He needed her now. Where was she? Where was she?! Charlie. Charlie Charlie! Give her back! Give her back! She doesn’t belong to you! She belongs to me! Give back the light! Give bak my light! She is all that is left! All that could possibly be left….. No…. No she was never coming back. Never coming. It was all his fault. He did all of this. Him. Him. Him! How could he have been so blind. But he knew…. He knew the cause. He was so dumb to accept. So stupid to translate words that should have stayed dead. All this happened all because of… "THEM."
  7. Fright Night So cold. So cruel. So dark. No friends here. Nothing but darkness. Nothing but creatures coming after him. He was afraid. He wanted to go home. He wanted his mother, father and brother. He wanted all of them. He didn’t want to be here! He didn’t like it. He couldn’t do this. He just couldn’t. The magician shook as he looked in the dark surrounding the light of his fire. Tears streamed down his cheek and he tried so hard to stop them but all that resulted was him hiccupping and crying even harder. He was scared, cold, and hurt. All alone and he just wanted to go home. He couldn’t remember how he got here. How did he? He remembered being in his room at this little run down place that he could afford and then the next he was here. No knowledge of what he needed to do. No idea how to defend himself. The magician learned the hard way and he learned it face. Spiders and hounds and anything else. He didn’t remember. He didn’t want to remember them. The magician did his best to collect as many things as he could after his first encounter with the creatures of the island. It was hard to do but he did it. But from his fire slowly getting lower and lower he didn’t gather enough. He didn’t want to be stuck in the dark. Getting up quickly he looked for anything he could thrown in the fire to keep it alive. Getting closer and closer to it as the light receded further and further away. He whimpered. Begging, pleading for the fire to stay a lit. Just a little bit longer. Please don’t leave me in the dark. Don’t leave me in the dark. Don’t leave me. But the fire continued to leave. Slowly he was consumed in darkness and cried softly as complete darkness surrounded him. “Please… help me….” A scream could be heard echoing through the night before being cut off completely. Silly “Maxy.” “…” “Maxwell.” “……” “Maxwell!” “What?!” “Do you need your glasses?” Maxwell turned his head to look at Charlie as she stood near him. He was trying to read the paper but all the words were jumbled up and didn’t make any sense. He of course he needed his glasses but he wasn’t going to openly admit that he needed glasses and not to Charlie either. Besides he looked just ridiculous wearing those old things. “No Charlie I do not need my glasses. I’m reading perfectly fine thank you very much” he denied hiding his face behind the paper. Charlie stood with her arms cross and shook her head. What a stubborn man he could be! Tapping fingers on her arm she sighed “You are a bad liar, Maxy. You really do need your glasses. I can see how you squint at the page trying to read the letters.” “For the last time I do not need my glasses, Charlie.” Charlie huffed and left the room leaving him be. Once he was sure she was out of the room he laid the paper flat back down on the table and ran his fingers through his hair staring intently at the page until he heard the stretch of tape come from behind him. Maxwell turned around to look at her, confused, seeing her smile. “Charlie? Charlie what are you….? Charlie why are you looking at me like that? What are you going to do with that tape? And why do you have my glasses?…. Charlie. Charlie don’t you dare. No Charlie stop it. Charlie go away! I mean it Charlie! Stop it! I don’t need those stupid glasses! Damn it!” Maxwell sat arms crossed and glasses forcefully put onto his head with tape. Charlie simply smiled at him. The glasses weren’t going to entirely help him considering his condition. The letters still look jumbled up to him but not as badly as before. Maxwell gave a small mumble of disapproval looking at Charlie unhappily. “I hate you so much right now.” “I love you too, Maxy~”
  8. Good Night Don't Starve The demon hummed as he sat in his throne, looking over the pawns that he could call his own. He smiled and looked at them all as night descend upon them all down below. All the creatures where covered and soon Charlie would be out to play and the demon couldn’t help but to come out and say…. “Good night Mister Higgsbury I hope your fire stays a light.” “Good night Miss Willow please don’t burn things, it causes quite a fright.” “Good night dear Wendy please don’t cry to be set free.” “Good night dear Abigail I hope your ghostly spirit stays bright.” “Good night little Wes your tricks won’t save you from this.” “Good night Miss Wickerbottom keep your dear books safe.” “Good night strong Wolfgang I hope you live through this dark night.” “Good night dear WX-78 please don’t stay up too late.” “Good night strange Woodie keep your Lucy close.” “Good night lovely Charlie, oh please do have fun.” “Good night my dear creatures but please do explore.” “Good night to those hidden far down below.” “Even good night to you dear brother that I used to know.” The demon smiled as he finished his words but then a small little thought had occurred. Everyone got a good night, even the brother he once knew. A small feeling of sadness came over his heart as he opened his mouth once more before it got too dark. “I have said my good nights, I wished them all well. But who is going to wish a demon good night with a heart as dark as the deepest well?”
  9. Oh my this is simply amazing! Ah both of you did amazing jobs! A round of applause~
  10. Beautiful Nightmares One tap. Two taps. Three taps. The demon thought silently as the slow taps of his fingers hit the throne chair. How silent it was. How quiet….. How alone it was in the dark. Darkness was what he got. Being alone was what he deserved. Nothing left but him and the darkness around him. Four taps. Five taps. The darkness let room for him to think. Think about what he had done. What he had done to those most important to him. It had been so long. Did he regret it? Deep down in the murky black depths of his heart he did. Covered, coated with nightmares. That’s what it was, nightmares of his past. Six taps. He remembered oh so long ago. A smiling face. A happy face. A boy closer to his age oh so way back when. Calling to him. Beckoning him to play. He more than happily accepted as he brushed himself off. Circular wire frames pushed back up the bridge of his nose. Laughter rang in his ears. But soon that laughter changed to silence as he was left alone again. The one he called brother leaving him all alone in that grey city to chase nothing but a dream. A hope. A chance. Seven taps. Eight taps. The reassurance and the joy that he got in each letter one for him to know it was so far away. Brother so happy, brother so lively, brother so perfect, brother with…. Family. A wife and two kids, such darling little twins. Sweet little girls with hair of golden honey. But still it was his. The brother not so happy, the brother not so lively, the brother not so perfect, the brother with no family…… A book. A book! That’s what he had. So many wonders. So many secrets. It was sure to be grand! The demon smiled fondly. Oh what excitement he had. Everything was perfect. It was sure to make everything better. Each translation, each new word brought everything together. Nothing could stop him now. His shows were grand! His shows were perfect! Maxwell the Great was something to be heard! To be seen! Nine taps Ten taps But he need someone. Someone to help him. An assistant…. An assistant! What every magician needs. A girl of sweet pale skin and hair of raven black. So pretty, so sweet. Oh how wonderfully neat! She was perfect! Just what he needed. The shows went on, she didn’t question a thing. A sweet smile and ‘Wow! Wasn’t that amazing!’ Yes amazing. Simply perfect. A man in possession of beautiful nightmares but with a girl of sweet dreams. Oh wonderful, she most certainly was one to stay. Made him happy, made him smile or she certainly was going to stay awhile. She would stay! She would stay! She would-….! Gone. Turned. Changed. It was all his fault. All of it. A bad man. Stupid man. How could he let it happen. She was so sweet but look at her now? A deep frown came across his face. A dream turned nightmare was all he had succeeded to make. He didn’t make dreams, he only made then worse. He didn’t bring joy or smiles, he brought fear and tears. Eleven taps. Twelve taps. Fear. Fear is the core. Fear is what everyone needs. Fear, fear, fear! What else could there be? Monster in dreamscapes no sweet dreams. Only darkness and the horrors that lie deep within. Lying, cheating, hated its all the same. All point to him in this very game. All the pieces were set. Each piece moved by name. Greed, pride, envy, gluttony, wrath, lust even sloth. All the sins laid out on a board of checkered fate. Slowly he stood. The demon with eyes as black as the deepest pits down below. Stood as looked to the board. Each pawn perfectly in place. The black king stood all alone, each of his soldiers in place. Slow a hand reached out, a shadow, a dark flame. There is no love here. No need for such a thing. Slowly he thought a cruel game in his brain, lips parted with a grin just as insane. "What point is there to love when love is simply fake? Emotion, feelings, they are simply the same. No it is the most primal instincts that matter the most. So now dear pawns come entertain your host."
  11. So after seeing the design for Steampunk!Maxwell that Etae drew I decided to redo a drawing I had based on something they wrote for their Steampunk based Wilson for their blog on how Wilson got to the island in the first place. And a particular part said that Wilson threw acid at Maxwell’s face basically eating away at it along with a piece of glass stuck in his eye. So with more of a design for him to go off of I decided to redraw it with that reference. I’m not done with it yet since I want to ink it and possibly color it but so far I really like how it’s turning out.
  12. Okay I did a scanned version of Dark Mage William. I am still drawing him obviously but I thought I would add to it Maxwell in a way where Maxwell is a dark/evil companion of his that William had summoned when he was less experienced and both of them are now bonded. Maxwell is a creature of darkness and shadows and mostly stays that way only taking a more solid form when he wants too. I hopefully wanna color it when I'm done. Maybe black ink pen and watercolor or something.
  13. So on tumblr the mod for ask-puppet-master-maxwell on tumblr drew a younger Maxwell still looking like himself and not like William. And he likes to get into some fights too. And then this came about because I wanted to draw both of them a little bit bruised but younger too.
  14. Can I just say that every thing on here has really made me smile? Especially these mini comics. I think I woke up my dog from laughing a little too loud from this so thumbs up to that.
  15. Okay I have a head canon page for William on my askwilliamcarter account on tumblr. Most of these are silly and amused me. I created some and others were sent in by ask box by others. Also take note that all of these were made when like the first two, maybe three, puzzle pictures came out with William.William instrument headcanon: If William were to have an instrument voice like in the game I would imagine his being something like a grand piano where his would remain in the middle range ((the high range would be his feminine screaming )). Cause Maxwell’s voice is a Harmonium which if you YouTube or Google harmonium it a keyboard instrument. Basically a portable reed organ if I remember correctly. So when he is William is voice is more melodic and clear sounding like a Grand Piano instead of the sound a Harmonium makes.Headcanon: William sneezes like a little girl and is very self conscious about itWilliam headcanon: I always imagined William’s eye color to be either Violet or Steel GreySleep headcanon: Sometimes I feel like William would have trouble sleeping where sometimes he would be a bit of an insomniac. Other times he can sleep perfectly and not wake up once during the night.Cooking Headcanon: I would imagine has varying times of his cooking skill level. Like sometimes it could be all ‘Look here I made you a fabulous full course meal’ to ‘William! How did you manage to burn down the kitchen by only making toast! It’s toast William! A piece of freaking bread! Maybe two pieces of bread!’Mood Headcanon: I think William would be a happy person most of the time. A smile on his face but sometimes he can have drastic mood swings from random bouts of anger to random bouts of sadness and other emotions. He can’t really help it most of the time.William Headcanon: Because his parents always treated him like a small child and called him things like “Willie” and “Will” he’s a stickler on being called ‘William.’ Same goes for Maxwell, he will NOT accept ‘Max’ or ‘Maxy’ as a suitable name.Silly Headcanon: William is extremely ticklish and so is Maxwell. If you were to tickle William he would laugh and enjoy it despite his protests and probably try to tickle you back. Maxwell would do the same to a point before starting to get a little upset and trying to force you off making it not fun anymore and he may or may not try to kill you for it. Figuratively speaking (maybe).Violent Headcanon: well for William I would imagine if he were to get violent he could get a bit dark and seem rather calm with only twitches of anger showing on his face or a dark smirk. And if he were to use a weapon in violence I would imagine it would be some kind of small blade or dagger since Maxwell uses a sword.Education: I would imagine William had a good education. Went to a British boarding school and attended Oxford (only British college I know about :/) and managed to find a decent job but being a magician was something he wanted to be more so he pursued that mostly from his father’s influence.Maxwell/William Headcanon: Both experimented heavily with Nightmare Fuel (while trapped on the island), which accidentally led to the creation of many monsters there, like the Bunnymen, Chester, and a real-life Charlie (the Grue).Headcanon- Because Maxwell has schizophrenia, and he is placed at the center of control, the land naturally mimicks his mental state, which is why random hallucinations appear at night and can hurt you at low sanity.Maxwell Headcanon: Out of desperation, he often fell into fits where he tried to kill himself in various ways, as a one-way ticket off his throne. All his attempts hurt him and left scars, but none helped kill him, even in the slightest.William Headcanon: He tried to perform a small magic show on the side of the street once (for a little extra money) when a mime came up. The whole time he tried to perform it made fun of him and made the crowd laugh at him. He left, furious, and has hated mimes ever since.William/Maxwell Headcanon: Ragtime used to be one of his favorite songs. Used to.William headcannon: As a child, William often had schizophrenic panic attacks, and his father would calm him down by doing magic tricks. This is how William got into magic.William Headcanon: William is actually colored blind to the color purple. If it is a cranberry then he can see it because it’s closer to red than purple.William headcannon: william is schizophrenic which is were charlie came fromWilliam Headcannon: William is actually dyslexic, but won’t admit it to anyone. Sometimes you can see him having a hard time reading, but will push himself to do it.Maxwell Headcanon: He actually can’t see very well without his glasses, but figures since he’s been around for so long he knows what everything looks like and doesn’t need to see everything 24/7. (He still uses them as reading glasses though)William Headcanon: He’s very self-conscious over what overs think about him, so he tends to keep things to himself, even if it’s something important, like needing money or getting sick.Maxwell Headcanon: Due to his poor mental state, anything he writes is unreadable. It’s very sloppy and spastic, but he denies this, as he can read it perfectly.