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Idea for Weather Pain

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Considering ingredients which are hard to be obtained, I think weather pain is not a valuealbe weapon.

I thought about how can this be valuealbe and meaningful. Many items made by loots from giant are something to prepare next season.

So, I think weather pain should be helpful to survive summer.

Heat wave is the most annoying part of summer. It will be great weather pain can help to lower temperature.

Rain can lower themperature in game.

If weather pain starts rain when it is used, it will be useful to lower temperature.

Summer should be challenging though, so this rain should last for short time(3 minutes?).

"simple weapon" -> "weapon+weather manipulator"

Thanks for reading my opinion.


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Well, you can already craft a Down Thermantidote to help you to survive Summer. It extinguishes fires and col your character down.

But I agree that an item summoning rain would be very usefull for Summer.


Thanks for sharing your opinion.

I know luxury fan is useful item for summer. My point was weather pain is useless, so some additional function will make it valueable. Currently, weather pain is too weak to kill monsters(because whirlwind changes target) and destroys our environment but it is too expensive.

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