[Suggestion] Gravestones

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If this has been suggested before, I'm sorry for duplicating. Anyway, my idea is that when you play multiple games in the same 'world', as you inevitably leave corpses around there should spawn Gravestones where you died. They could either say how you died, how many days you lived or a little poem specified to each character. In addition, the loot part of the grave could also spawn, but instead of spawning rare research items (could potentially be exploitable), it could either contain a random item that you held when you died, or just simply a ghost or nothing at all.

An expansion to this could be a gamemode where you have 1 "life" for each character you've unlocked, as one dies you can keep using the others until you have noone left and the game ends. 'Party mode' or something weird like that.

Enough rambling from my part! :)

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