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Miss Wynn

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Hello! My name is Wynn!

I'll be writing in this JOURNAL(NOT A DIARY!!!) for a bit, if you don't like it then tough! Just go somewhere else because honestly I can't stand misplaced hatred. Since I'm a bad artist and honestly have no interest in ART, Ash here will take care of all of that.

Say hi Ash.


Well then. Anyway, this is basically my life on a somewhat weekly basis, and feel free to ask me questions!

I'm literally stuck here.


Kind of sick of it.

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Ash: Note, this is NOT a role-play thread, do not treat it as such, this is explaining the day to day events of a bored teen. Art is sometimes provided, and questions are always open. However, do not be rude, and don't expect a quick answer. Enjoy or leave I guess.

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Day 68


So really this is annoying, how does anyone keep doing things just for survival... I mean... Living is nice and everything, but honestly I want more to do. My most recent companion ditched me, but he was just some nerd anyway. Though I did enjoy his company. What was his name? William? Well whatever it was he always had a vial of something in his hand, and a hammer in the other. He'd fashion up books, writing down something anytime he'd do ANYTHING. So I figured it was about time I tried this. Being of a higher upbringing, reading and writing and business were a must to learn. Especially since I was an only child, practically making my mother unable to birth anymore children. But I'm getting off track, today dragged on, just like dragged. Time went by as fast as trying to haul a anchor though a thick marsh. 


That nerd seemed to have plenty to keep him busy, enough so that he didn't mind just leaving me. Not that I'm all that upset about it. He was useless anyway. I had a beefalo for breakfast, caught it just before it could call on it's other mates or even wake up. I curse the day I lose my claws, being as flimsy and useless as him without my coat. 


Either way, I hear my dinner trying to run away, I'll write in this later.

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