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As we all know by now, after a certain number of days, day count means nothing other than how much time you have on your hands. It doesn't take any more skill to survive for 1000 days than it does to survive for 200 days, all it takes is more time. Many of us want to face inevitable doom, so that we can see how long we can truly survive after we exceed the current survivability threshold.


I propose the "Chronophage" (also considered "Clockwork Clock", but that breaks the chess theme), a new mechanical giant that feeds on time (and possible explanation for why time passes oddly here?). He will be another periodic threat, only unlike other periodic threats, he has no cap. His health will be 10x the current day count, and his damage will equal the current day count.


At certain "power milestones", he gains new attacks:

Stage 1: Simple "attack, attack, dodge" style combat strategy is all the player requires.

Stage 2: He gains an AoE attack.

Stage 3: Just before death he becomes invulnerable and activates self-destruct with massive blast radius.

Stage 4: Long distance frontal cone attack.

Stage 5: Rear swipe that immediately follows his frontal cone.

Stage 6: Launches satellites that land far out from him, then spiral inward damaging anything they hit on the way back.


He also has eyes made of gems which show his current power milestone, and his loot table changes:

Stage 1: Blue gem, Flint

Stage 2: Red gem, Rocks

Stage 3: Purple gem, Nightmare Fuel

Stage 4: Orange gem, Marble

Stage 5: Green gem, Gears

Stage 6: Yellow gem, Thulecite


He could be changed in world settings for people that don't feel like having a world that will ultimately end, but this would at least give meaning to day count for the people that want a challenge.


Of course this idea is rough, but I wanted to get it out there in case anyone wanted to improve upon it.

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