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Iceover widget doesn't load warning stage outside of winter

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rezecib    3187

So this has been documented in a lot of threads, but I want to bring a bit more precision to it.


What's happening now:

What should be happening:


In RoG, you can now freeze outside of winter (when holding a cooled thermal stone, or getting very wet). However, unless it's winter, it never shows the 'warning' level of ice coming in from the sides of the screen (the "iceover" widget). That's because iceover.lua specifies that it only shows up if your temperature is below zero or it's winter and a threshold has been reached (the warning threshold is 5).


Here's the relevant check, on line 48 of iceover.lua:

if up_thresh and temp < up_thresh and self.laststep < num_steps and (temp < 0 or GetSeasonManager():IsWinter()) then

So this could be really easily fixed by just removing that check:

if up_thresh and temp < up_thresh and self.laststep < num_steps then

The problem is that iceover.lua doesn't have a DLC version. Furthermore, I'm guessing temperatures can normally fall below 5 (but above zero) even without moisture or thermal stones, so that's probably why the check was put there in the first place.


I propose two possible solutions:

  1. Remove the check, but outside of winter, cap the player's temperature at a minimum of 5 unless they're wet. Maybe being wet could be changed so that each point of wetness lowers the minimum by 0.1 degrees, so that you can start freezing at 50 wetness.
  2. Remove the check and don't bother patching up cases where the player might get near to freezing without actually being at risk of freezing. After all, a false alarm is probably better than not having one at all. (this is what I did for the "what should be happening" gif)

I think this is a pretty big problem at the moment. Most experienced players probably aren't encountering it much because they get rain protection in time, but for those who are actually getting punished by wetness as intended, it's very frustrating because they can't tell when wetness starts becoming life-threatening, even though if they were just getting chilled in winter they would get a warning.


Edit: Oh no! This was supposed to be in bugs :(. Can a mod move it?

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