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So that was weird. My last thread didn't even last 24 hours and it was closed. Wow. But continuing on my ideas. Michael M., I like that idea. For the game to progressively get harder as days go by. I like it. The idea with using robots, if you have wood for a body, iron ore or some other kind of metal, and a fire to melt the metal for crafting, you can make a robot. I know all about pigmen, they are not a companion. More like a pet. They follow you around and do what you do. But a companion that would do random things during the day without input from the player whether good or bad for you. Someone that has something to say every once in a while, maybe pushing you in the right direction...that's a companion. I understand that you need to have wood for fire and fire to live. But being able to plant a mini forest next to your camp allows you to have everything near you. Hench not having to explore. I understand that this game is in beta, hence the reason for the suggestions. This is the point in the game where the game is being built up and tinkered with. So suggestions are not a bad thing. Hopefully this helps the development team. I did read about the weather idea. I like that idea also.

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