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Kampussack and Switch key

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 1。Kampussack and the overlapping, is not easy to see, when it rains, was forced to close the backpack.

2。The initial inventory location is not enough, because the basic items like new version need more reasons, whether can the initial increase in some articles lattice. Such as a hammer, axe, torch, picks, shovels, umbrellas, monster meat, meat, stone, metal, flint, radish, berries, flowers, trees, grass, wood.

3。Also, the switching function keys can add a recently used two tools, such as cutting down trees when the axe and shovel to switch the R key, or the sudden encounter monsters at the hands of the tool for weapons. That is more simple and practical

These are just some of my personal views 
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Unfortunately I had some difficulty reading, but this is what I gathered.

  • The Krampus Sack covers the wetness meter.

This sounds like an interface error and should be fixed. Nice catch!

  • The amount of inventory space is very limited. With new items, greater need to collect more raw materials, and greater utility to standard tools you run out of space.

Personally I like this. It indirectly adds more challenge to starting a world. In my opinion RoG is the advanced version of Don't Starve for people who love the game and want more of a challenge and more content. Harder inventory management requires the player to plan more in advance and leave items they'd like to have, but don't need, at their base.

  • Switching between tools for specific tasks should be hotkey-able, regardless of where it is in your inventory. So if I bind 'y' to "weapons" then hitting the 'y' key will immediately equip the first weapon in my inventory.

That's a cool idea. I personally strictly organize my inventory. '1-5' are weapons and tools, food in '9-0', all raw materials in my backpack, and everything else is variable.

I think it's something Klei might consider adding, particularly for the PS4 version, but it might be relegated to the modders in the end.

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