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More seasonal options!

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In the game without RoG you can specify how long you want your summer and winter. Because we have 4 seasons for RoG the seasonal options had to be different, but there I see that we can't verify if we want one season longer yhan another. So I thought that instead of indicating which seasons we want and how long we want each season to be I'd say that we need 4 options to indicate every single season, so we have in world options:

Summer length

Autumn length

Winter length

Spring length

And for each we could indicate whether we want them None (that season won't appear in the season cicle), Short (a few days for the specific season), Default (default time for the season) and Long (if we want the season to be long).

So for those who like new things but struggle with surviving or preparing (like me) could do this:

Autumn - Long

Winter - Short

Spring - Short

Summer - Short

Or something like that. Btw I think that the days for how long a season is are too short (Short: 15 days, Default: 20 days, Long: 25 days).

I think each season should have a longer time to be givwn to prepare like:

Short: 20 days

Default: 30 days

Long: 40 days

And I think this is how summer and winter were without RoG.

I'm suggesting these two ideas because if you have short for all seasons then there won't be enough time to prepare for the next season, where as with long you won't have enough resources to survive till next season. Plues even 25 days is not long and I think it should be changed. Trust me, my suggestion could bennefit to manyplayers especially beginners!

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Well then you can have Short seasons all as in 20. I mean they are not meant to be all short or all long. 20 days is not long so if this system is in game then you can always change seasons every 20 days. Where as I'd have autumn for 40 days and the rest of the seasons for 20 :p that's how I want mine real bad.

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