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Mark of the Ninja 2 (Ideas)

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4s4sin96    11

Post here what do you think about a sequel, and what would the story be...

(If you think MotN2 might happen, you have to admit/agree, that Ninja killed Azai, and he become insane)

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adivel    16

Since "Ninja" is not a name (like "Shank"), I do believe it is possible to play other character with different story! So the ending isn't really matter.

Edit: Maybe someone from a clan that have hostile relations with the clan from the first game!

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StelioK    0

I can not express how much do I want to see a sequel of this game.


What would I like to see in a sequel?


I would love to see some way to customize the ninja without affecting the gameplay.


Also,l would like to have more objects available during missions, with a bump in difficulty to make up for it. I think It would allow for more creative ways of handling situations.


The mechanic of terrorizing enemies was awesome, and I would like it to be expanded, with perhaps different degrees of fear in enemies, and different reactions dependent on types of enemies and the degree of fear.


New objects, I would like a tool (very limited in its amount of uses) to create hooks for grapling. Other things could include decoys, or poisonous snakes that can kill one enemie and create a big distraction without alerting about the ninja presence..


New skills, like double takedows (which should be quite hard to pull off), and more ways of using dead bodies, like crucifying enemies on the walls.


And fixing some minor annoyances that were present in the first game, like using the same buttons for too many things.


Something I would love to see too is a tool to create your own levels and challenges.


Please make a sequel

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