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Flawed DayNight-Circle in Custom World? no dusk

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Hey everybody 


If I create a custom world and alter more than 4 vaules from default my day-night-circle omits the dusk.




Summer = long

Day = long

Gobblers = less

Hounds = less

everything is fine and as expected (well ho hounds came, but maybe I ticked the wrong setting)

14 h day, 1 dusk 1 night


As soon I will change any other setting, e.g. Wolrd = huge the day night setting will turn into 

14h day  1h night (light blue) and  1h night (dark blue) 


Night will start imediately. There is not time for preparation. No dusk.


Using the console GetClock():SetSegs(14,1,1) will fix this but only during the current session.


Any solutions?


Cheers Habuky



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