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Bit of an issue with starting in spring

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So I'm currently on day 46 in my current world and I have survived spring and summer. There is only one issue. I had to cheat in 7 ice because the game didn't provide me with enough glaciers in my only rock biome. I had enough ice to make an ice cube but not enough for a Ice Flangituter or whatever it's called, can't remember exactly right now.
I knew my base would get wiped out from what I had heard of summer without one and while usually I'm fine with dying since I usually learn something I decided that I would allow myself to cheat this one time since I wouldn't learn anything since the only reason I would die was due to the game making it impossible for me to survive. So yeah, is this an issue that will be fixed or maybe are we intended to start in Autumn once the full DLC rolls around?

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