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The PC equivalent of R1 on the PS4

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I was introduced to this game on my friend's PS4 then got my own copy for the mac.


One control I found VERY useful on the PS4 is the R1 (or maybe it was R2) button. It basically pauses the game, opens your inventory and lets you shuffle things around while paused. There doesn't seem to be a working option for this on the PC/Mac version. 


Under CONTROLS, there is an assignable command called "inv. inspect" which I assigned to the *I* key, but doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure what it actually does.


Any suggestions?

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Heya @Divideby0, on the PS4 we included the control "open inventory" on R2 which pauses the game, allowing you to manage your inventory. Basically, this was to make it more manageable for console players.


It's not available for PC/Mac keyboard and mouse controls since you should be able to manage your inventory using the number keys on your keyboard as well as your mouse in real-time. 


If you have a gamepad though, you should be able to replicate the PS4 controls on it even on PC/Mac since Don't Starve has supports gamepads.

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Ahh I see. That makes sense. Shuffling things around IS a lot easier with a mouse.


Then again, it' so nice to be able to stall the ticking clock and organise your stuff at leisure. the PAUSE function only allows you to see a few items at once and not manipulate them.


I am tempted to get a cheap gamepad just to add that function.


Thanks for the info!



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