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This is basically one big thread for all my feedback and suggestions, so I don't take up a bunch of space with a million threads. I'll be updating this as I play, so that's basically what this thread is.



So I'm on day 5 or something, and I've noticed a few things. 1. Acorns are pretty overpowered. 2. Is it me, or are Chess Biomes more common? 3. With my first world, I tried customizing and it crashed, so I just started another one with default. Now, for what I think: IT'S GREAT!! It feels like the whole atmosphere has changed, and I'm loving the new biomes* and animals. I've only just begun to find new content though, because I've just started. SO GET READY FOR SOME SPESHUL REVIEWS

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I made my base at a small Chess Biome, and have discovered the desert biome, and the things that inhabit it. I really like the cacti, and hound mounds are a nice touch. I'm still in spring, and I'm saving up to make the great, legendary ICE CUBE HAT which I hear is ridiculously big. I ABSOLUTELY LLOOOVVE THE FULL MOON EFFECT!!! It's great! Also, a bug I encountered today was a HUGE buzzard that mirrored my movements. I couldn't attack it, and when it moved it just slid around instead of hopping. But over-all, so far so FANTASTIC! I don't really have any suggestions right now, but some are probably coming.

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