Craft of lantern

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Sorry for the mistakes I used a translator.


1) To create a lantern must have two light bulbs. When creating a flashlight is 100% strength. Suppose it is completely extinguished. I charge lamp using light bulbs. And he gains strength 19%. I charge the second lamp and he has the strength of 38%. But flashlight adopts is of two bulbs. And so if I charge two extinct lantern lights it should have 100% strength. This is illogical. 


I suggest using a flashlight to create five bulbs. Each bulb will produce 20% of its strength. It is realistic and logical. 


2) Let's say I put the lantern on the ground. It is included. If he goes out, he will end strength. But how do I know when it will end strength. Radius lighting will decrease a little, but it was the moment when he would go out, I will not be able to determine visually. 


I suggest the following. When the lamp will be only a few percent it will blink. So it will be understood that it needed to be recharged. Or something else but it was clear that he goes.




I would like to know what you think about it

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Um, there is already a lantern that needs two light bulbs to craft, right--so you're asking for a recharging system? Yes, in that case, I totally agree! The flashlights could be a lvl 2 tier for a torch. It would have to be held but could be recharged and have a large light radius.

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