Adjustable amount of islands

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I've explored a couple of worlds (I've added 5 screens wich is the maximum amount of screens for a post)

And i've noticed there's always 9 islands/spheres.

I'd like to have the option to adjust that.

Playing on 1 island would be a challenge to survive with only the items from 1 island.

Playing on like 20 islands would be fun for a traveller like myself.






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I'm under the understanding that world generation is supposed to be changing quite a bit before official release. That said, I also really like this idea! I also like exploring a lot.

I would also like to limit the max, and min sizes on the circumference of the islands. Just as a stop gap till the newer generation engine is released.

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i like this idea. but i dont think you should be able to choose how many their are. i think you should just have to suck it up and try to not starve with however many islands you have.

I think the same, but I also think that that is our play style and people might want to play the game differently, and I see no reason to not do so.

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