crafting menu should indicate when I have the parts of the parts for an object

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The crafting menu indicates that you are able to craft something when you have all the necessary parts in your inventory. But what if you have the parts to create the parts to create something? For example a chest requires 3 boards... And 3 boards is equivalent to 12 logs. So if I have 12 logs in my inventory there should be an indication that I am able to craft one (Possibly with a different color to show you need to refine/craft something else first).

I'm not looking for a crafting short cut (I don't want to be able took create a chest directly from 12 logs) just an indicator that it is available. As I am still a noob that can barely make it through 1 winter, I don't have all the recipes memorized.

Also, since I currently play on Ps4, mods (if this already exists) don't help me. Though I have been thinking of buying on steam too so I can play on my PC and mod the game.

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As much as I feel for you, it gets a whole lot easier the more you play. Sadly after another week or two you'll have most of the materials memorized xD

I would say it's probably a lot easier on steam seeing as how the DS wiki is a mighty good source for all crafting recipes, item sources, and drop rates.


I'd also say the trouble is there are a lot of redundant crafting items (IMO) like wood walls. Wouldn't really want indicators pointing out I could make me a whole batch of them when I could be building my pig houses instead lol

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