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"Build but not place" tactic unusable on console version?

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Most adventure/world progression guides advise using the method of building structures but not placing them immediately, allowing you to place them in a more desirable location or take them on to the next world with you.


However, this doesn't seem doable on the console version, as crafting an item prompts you to place it immediately, and if you cancel placement you don't get the item stored anywhere but you do lose the items you used to craft it.


Was this a necessary caveat that had to be made in the console port, or am I missing a trick?

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You probably just got confused because the item was saying you were out of resources but you built already. It says that but if you try to "place' the item, it will at a desirable location. Don't worry, i got confused like this too until i tried to place it again and was like,"Oh Okay, so that's how you do it...."

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Can you do this with multiple types buildings at once?  (ex: 1 firepit, 1 crockpot, 1 drying rack, etc.)


If so, it will make starting construction on my second base much easier!


Yeah you can do it with everything that is placeable all at once if you want to. Only one of each thing obviously, but even at that you can still have the vast majority of your base pre-built and ready to place when you start the next chapter.

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