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My ideas of a future update

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ok wait....... i have played games like minecraft and other hardcore survival games and discovered 1 thing... like you mentioned about people getting bored and stuff because its like a easy cycle once you get a firm grip on the world, here are some suggestions for that... gamemodes: when starting a world you will be given a choice of 4 game modes

easy: no hounds and every thing is about as harmful as a ant

medium: hounds and other stuff (future updates) and normal damage.( for worlds already started, the gamemode will already be medium because im on day 70 and im not about to lose that world just for a gamemode.)

hard: hounds come in packs of 5 with 2 firehounds. and things do 75% extra damage.

insain: youve seen it all now.everythings damage is maxed out by 200% and upon touching fire,you instantly burn.

note: these will ideally be only avaible for starting new worlds because if you put it as a changable option, people could put it on hard but at night have it on easy.

other things that would potentionaly be a great success...

for your winter (which i love that idea in your artical) a beefalo coat will be able to make that cost 200 reaserch points and is made out of 10 beefalo wool and 2 rope. (how you guys do the thing where you can die without warmth is up to you.

dappler vest should be 50% better than a log suit and heres why... i chopdown a few trees and boom i have the logs. i pick some grass and boom i have the ropes. yea sure you have to reaserch the stuff like the log suit itself and the rope but a dappler vest is harder to get. hounds can potentionaly drop up to 2 teeth each and some of them drop only 1 and i swear ive killed hounds and they drop none. so it took me 4 hound encounters (46 game days) to make the vest plus you need silk so now you need to spider hunt. the vest is made out of HOUND TEETH for cryin out loud. plus for all of your updates in the future and story mode with the secret unlocks on freeplay...please do me one favor... do not make us need to delete our world. like if i want to play story mode... i dont want to have to delete my freeplay world just to play story . they should be seperate things. and if winter and the new things do get added in, i want them to be updated to my world ,not have to delete it so a can get the new features like on minecraft , if minecraft adds a new boss and new items we can update so we get that stuff on our worlds and not have to delete our hard work. thank you for the best game in the world~morgan aka BlackGinger77

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