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Can't migrate to new version

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Sorry to post this in here... but I can't find any contact info for customer support. Maybe one of you fine folks can help me.


I haven't played the game in a long time... and now I see the Chrome version is retired. However... when I follow the instructions to copy the key and "Submit to Steam", the "Submit to Steam" button isn't there. If I try to register in Steam it tells me the key is invalid and trying to get the standalone version is similar: product not recognized.


I was an early adopter... i paid full price for the game before it was released and now I can't even try the latest and greatest. 


Anyone know how I can deal with this?



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Where is my game, key, email?
Last Updated: Sep 10, 2013 01:14PM PDT
Depending on where you purchased the game, you can retrieve your keys in the following ways.

​Chrome Web Store:

If you purchased using Google Wallet, then the account you were logged into when you made the purchase was flagged for access, and your "key" was already consumed.

Please note tat this is the account you were logged into when playing the game, NOT necessarily the account that was signed into Google Wallet.

Where is my email?

The account that was used to purchase through Google Wallet will receive an email that contains the order number. If you do not get this email, you can visit http://wallet.google.com to confirm the purchase. 

Once you confirm the account that you used to purchase the game, check that email address' inbox and spam box for the confirmation email. If you cannot find this email, please contact us with the order number and we will do what we can do help you out.

You can use our account helper to see the email address that the account is attached to here:http://www.dontstarvegame.com/forms/account-tool/account-helper.html

You can get your Amazon transaction reference number here:


Paypal transaction information can be found here: 


Why does it say I am still playing the demo?

Most likely you used a different account when you played before your purchase and that is the account that was flagged when you purchased the game. Check any other accounts you may have used previously. 

Where is my Steam key?

You can get your Steam key from the main menu in Don't Starve by clicking on the "Account Info" tab.

Humble Store: (Amazon, Paypal, Google)

When you purchase Don't Starve through the Humble Store, you will be sent an email that contains a unique URL that will allow you to claim your game key (that will work with Chrome and Steam) and a download for the Standalone client.

Where is my email?

If you either A) mistype the email address or B) type in a different email address than you think you used to purchase, you might miss the email confirmation. 

The best step here is to check any possible email address (and spam box) to see if you can find the Humble Store email confirmation.

You can also go to the Humble Store to have the email resent or contact them to check to make sure you used the right email address: https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender

If I purchased from Steam, do I get a chrome key?

If you purchased your game on Steam, you'll be able to get a game key that works for both the Chrome and Standalone versions by right-clicking the game in your Steam game library and choosing "View CD Key."

Then, open up Google Chrome and go to the Chrome web store. Once there, click on "Add to Chrome" to add the game app to your browser. Once added, sign in with your Google account and the game will finish the install process. To access the full game, go to the main menu and enter your code by clicking on "Enter Key."

If you cannot access the main menu for some reason, contact customer support with your account information so we can help you out.


See if you can get the key through that method and try adding a new game in Steam, entering that key. 



If that doesn't help, Support (as shown in the quote) can be contacted at this link.

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