Purebred birds

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Chickens and other birds would be bred from combanations of wild birds
such as small flying birds and Tallbirds purebred birds hatch from
eggs in 4 days. Every day they are sat one by a certain type
of bird 25% more of that birds dna is added to the egg. (in order for
the bird to be able to sit on the egg you must build a nest to build
a nest you need 2 twigs and 3 grass than you can place the nest) As an
example if a gobbler sits on an egg for 3 days and a small flying bird
bird sits on it for 1 day the egg will hatch into a chicken.
Tamed tallbirds: Tallbirds as we all know are traders we feed them
and protect them for 29 days and what do they do to thank us they
try to kill us. Tallbirds would become tame when you raise them
and could sit on nests with eggs like any other bird. The egg would
also become a certain color depending on what type of bird sits on it
as an example a gobblers egg is brown while a red birds egg is red
also you could get hawks (50% small bird %25 gobbler 25% tallbird
hawks could be trained to hunt rabbits and spiders, as well as ducks
(50% pangull 50% small flying bird.

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