Reanimating skeletons?

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I think reanimating skeletons that you find would be a good idea, you would have to make a necro staff (has 4 uses) with a necro gem (1 purple gem 6 nightmare fuel) all you would have to do is shoot a skeleton with it and it would get up and follow you, you could give it commands like gather grass and twigs or farm or guard your base when it guards your base you have to make a guarding post for it. A guarding post (made with 2 planks 1 pigskin) would allow it to know where to guard when guarding you would be safe from something trying to take your things (like krampus) and or trying to destroy stuff. Skeleton guards could be made stronger by giving them weapons (like a spear or ice staff) and giving them armor and hats/helmets (you could give them a football helmet and it would act the same as if a pig had it on). And you could also choose there temper (passive=runs to where ever you are and alerts you, neutral=kills hostile mobs like spider or if attacked attacks back, hostile=attacks everything it sees other than you). I really want skeleton guards because the only thing that guards right now is something you get after you have done everything and its not a challange anymore. Also there needs to be more threats to your base when your gone (maybe pirate seals or something that try to raid your base while your gone in the winter and or to kill you).

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