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Hey guys! I finally managed to create my very first Don't Starve mod.


Basically, I felt that the NightLights were excessively expensive and provided almost no practical benefit once constructed. So with this mod, I aim at reintegrating the NightLights back into Don't Starve as a valuable addition to the game.


I changed the recipe so that it is now cheaper to create, as well as adding a new key feature: the NightLights now light up upon player approach if they were extinguished before hand. However, this new function is not without it's downsides. In order to light an extinguished NightLight, one must sacrifice some sanity to do so. However, because the sanity cost is now upfront, the NightLights no longer have an insanity aura.


The link to my mod can be found here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/files/file/376-insanillumination/



I'd greatly appreciate it if ya'll would comment and help me see what i can do to continue to improve my skills both with this mod and for anything I make in the future.





PS: can anyone help me figure out how to upload this to the steam workshop? Never mind, I think I figured it out.

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Thanks man. And I really appreciate the help you gave me in that other thread.


Also, if you don't mind, please share your experiences with the new night light. I'd really like to know if it feels useful, OP, UP, etc.


I want it to remain a late game item, but I don't want it's steep cost and marginal utility to scare ppl away from using it.

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