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  1. Insanillumination

    Haven't unlocked him yet, I prefer plain survival mode. What does he have? 500 sanity?
  2. Insanillumination

    Sorry it took so long to do something so simple guys. My apologies. But anyway, as I briefly stated in the version update, I've altered the sanity costs for powering the new night light. I felt that I had made the sanity requirements too low making it almost free light at little to no cost. I have now up'd the amounts to make it more of a real decision as to whether or not one should use the light and when. Don't worry, you are still rewarded for having low sanity when using it though.
  3. Insanillumination

    I've been looking into the light radius thing, but a lot of this code still feels way over my head. That and I've been busy with real life and whatnot. I'll try updating some time over thanksgiving break at to at least get the improved sanity values for ignition.
  4. Insanillumination

    Sure, by all means, as long as you keep things civil, I am always open to healthy critique. As for the risk vs reward, I had considered the option of increased cost at lower sanity levels, but by doing so using multiple lights would quickly drop your sanity to nothing thus making them for use only if insane. Now while this could be a completely viable route, I was hoping to encourage walking a thin line between being sane and insane while still rewarding consecutive use over multiple lightings. I will probably have to re-evaluate the current numbers as I did play extremely safe with my first balance pass as to not drive ppl away from trying the mod.
  5. Insanillumination

    close, but not quite. I have it set up that it works inversely proportional to how much sanity you have. The more sanity you have, the greater the drain and smaller the radius. The lower the sanity, the smaller the drain, and the greater the radius. I thought it would be an interesting mechanic to balance sanity levels instead of always being topped off, or always insane. As for how the light levels work. I haven't changed that part of the code. I simply added a mechanic to the nightlight so that it powers up on approach. The rest is still vanilla functionality. I can, however, play around with the code some more and see what I can do.
  6. Insanillumination

    Thx for the kind words man. I feel that now, the true limiting factor in the number of nightlights you can have is now the red gem. After you play around with it some more, let me know how you feel about the varying light radius. Also, do you think I should add the new recipe to the description? or just add a screen shot with it?
  7. Insanillumination

    Version 1.1


    Insanillumination is designed to make the NightLight a more useful and valuable addition to Don't Starve. I have reballanced the crafting recipe so that it is a more viable light source. I have also retuned how the NightLight works and interacts with the player as well. Key Features include: -No longer drains sanity while standing near it -New Recipe: 1 red gem, 4 logs, 2 gold nuggets. -Now lights up on player approach if it was extinguished, however doing so costs sanity. -Still consumes Nightmare fuel for maintaining light levels. The main objective with this is to have the NightLight act as a path marker of sorts, or at the very least, make keeping an extra large base well lit without having to burn down a sizable forest.
  8. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    sigh, with one problem solved, another takes it's place. I'm trying to set it up so I have a mod icon in the mod screen. I have a tex file and an xml file. I even have icon_atlas = "Insanillumination.xml"icon = "Insanillumination.tex"in my modinfo.lua file. But every time I try to access the mod screen, it crashes. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Never mind! I found out what the problem was. apparently xml files are much like html files in that they don't seem to want to work right if you don't close out all your tags properly with '/'. Well, now don't I feel stupid.
  9. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Ah, thx malacath. I'll be sure to try that out as soon as I am able. And yeah, I know the sample I gave you doesn't have observer defined, but I did try(poorly most likely) to define it in one of my attempts. I think it looked something like: local function updatelight(inst, observer) but I still ran into problems. perhaps observer was just the wrong approach? EDIT: okay, so I was able to try out your suggestion, and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot man.
  10. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    hey guys, I've just recently started working on a mod to modify NightLights, and after some successful experiments, I've run into a problem. See, I current have it so that when I approach the nightlight when it is off, it will fuel itself. But I want to make it cost some sanity to do so. how would I do that? Here is the snippet that causes the nightlight to turn on: local function updatelight(inst) if inst.components.playerprox:IsPlayerClose() and inst.components.fueled:IsEmpty() then inst.components.fueled:InitializeFuelLevel(120) endendI tried using observer.components.sanity:DoDelta(-TUNING.SMALL_SANITY) but it came up with an error. I'm still really new to all this so I've just been feeling my way through for the moment.