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Rise of the Pengulls - mod development


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Before working my way up to coding characters or new creatures, I shall try to make smaller mods, which will eventually all be used in a big mod.  


(Look forward to Waffles, Lord of the Penguins, and Winnona, the nun.  >D  )


SO what is the point of this thread?   So I know where I'm at with my progress as I get easily distracted and loose my place often.   ;)   ( Also so I can get feedback, opinions, etc.)  That and so  I have one place I will post with problems, question etc. so I don't flood the forums......



Anyone willing to help or contribute is very welcome.   ;)

(Such as ideas, or suggestions aside from the coding)


First goal:  Improve on the "Better Traps" mod --- Done.  

(Needs to be worked on to add spider/frog in the same way)

Second goal: Enhance "Better Traps" mod into "Lucky Traps" mod. --- When creatures are murdered in inventory there is increased loot drop chance/multiple loot.

Third goal: Enhance "Better Traps" mod into "Lovely Traps" mod ---  All trappable creatures are naturally drawn to traps, baited or not.


Then marry those all into the "'Like Magic' Traps" mod.   Or as all separate downloads on one page.


That is the starting point as I work on my mods!   :grin:


Then move on to penguin specific mods and possibly custom content.   :grin:



Feel free to hang around and see what happens.   :razz:

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