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Mod request: non constipated befalos

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It seems the devs changed the beefalo's behavior making them not poop off screen.

I actually need to be around them constantly in order to get some manure and apparently even it's frequency has been reduced which i am not very found of.

So please can anyone propose a mod or another way to restore beefalos to they're  former  behavior because sitting there and waiting for them is just annoying and boring and time consuming.


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The beefalos that i've come across have already had manure on the ground beside them so I dont think this is actually the case. If you look inside the beefalo.lua file the section below defines poop behavior:

    inst:AddComponent("periodicspawner")    inst.components.periodicspawner:SetPrefab("poop")    inst.components.periodicspawner:SetRandomTimes(40, 60)    inst.components.periodicspawner:SetDensityInRange(20, 2)    inst.components.periodicspawner:SetMinimumSpacing(8)    inst.components.periodicspawner:Start()

So play around with those values till you get behavior you like. 4 units of 'min spacing' is equal to 1 ground tile so that part just limits poop to being 2 tiles apart from other poop. I dont know how density is managed or the scale used in the time period.




Ok i started reading the periodicspawner component and it seems that component does now default to not spawning items while offscreen.  I'll get your mod request uploaded to steam workshop in about 20 minutes

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All worked out and glad its working for you.


I kinda feel bad having a 1-line-of-code upload being considered a mod. Since you're the one who requested it id like your opinion (and anyone elses) if a few additions would be considered "feature creep" and should be in a separate mod or if it would be appropriate to incorporate into the same one


1. have a timer on manure piles so they auto delete (absorb back into the ground) after a certain time, probably 1-2 days. Mostly this is to keep from making it TOO easy to collect manure but also just for asset management so a game world isnt eventually littered with 100s of piles of poop


2. when a pile is removed it has a chance to auto fertilize a random nearby farm plot or barren plant


3. when auto fertilization happens on transplanted crops there is small chance, maybe 10%, that plant will lose its transplanted status

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Usually when i set camp near any beefalos i check them out every 3 days , so if you set the timer to 3-4  days it'll be just perfect so that the area isn't flooded in manure and the game remains reasonably hard while retaining it's fun .

Also i like the auto-fertilization idea it sounds logic so why not.

I think you should add those features in the same mod that you already made since they are in the same poopy   subject , i believe adding more complexity to it is a great idea , can't wait for the update. :happypigs:

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