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Help with possible Character Idea - Winnona


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First let it be known that I know very very little about coding.   Secondly I am probably what most of the DS community would consider a noob as I enjoy surviving on the berries and living day to day in-game.  >.>


So if anyone is interested in helping me with this I would be very grateful as I am not an artist either.  XD

(I may be slowly trying to work on this myself but no promises)



That being said I have had a Character idea in my head for quite some time.      The name Winnona is because I like that name, it starts with a W and it is a girls name.

  I feel there are quite a few male characters, even modded ones, compared to females.   I also like the theme of only W names, with an exception of course for Maxwell and if the "Charlie" mod is considered.  :D


Name: Winnona

Title:  The Nun


Motto:   ............................

(I have not thought of a motto yet)


Sanity: 300

Health: 175

Hunger: 100


Melee damage: .5 or the standard 1.


Perks:  Not attacked by "Innocent" mobs.  Gains sanity next to "Innocent" mobs.   Can "Exorcise" ghosts.

(Such as rabbits, tall birds, beefaloos, etc.) 

Special item: A holy Cross

Using item can recover 1/4 of total Sanity instantly.   Must use cross to "Exorcise" ghosts.


Character has worse night vision, even with full campfires and such.  (Such as the light they can see is a smaller circle.)   Normal sanity loss at night/in darkness etc.


Increased sanity loss with aggressive mobs, such as hounds, killer bees, spiders.

Also increased Sanity loss when near evil aura items, such as evil flowers.


No effects near neutral mobs. 



I have other thoughts and ideas but I'm not sure about the final details on those at this time.  >.<



Before anyone asks: "Why a nun?"   I have 2 reasons.  The first of which being that being religious/saintly makes more sense for sanity to be higher or increasing, etc.   The second of which the song "Any other world"  by Mika describes a nun and her loosing her eyes and becoming a sad shell of a person.   So my idea is partially inspired by that.  :D


I was going to have the special item be a bible, but that is a book and those are Wickerbottom's item.  So I thought a cross would be appropriate.


(Also!  I am not a religious person so this is not meant to be holey accurate and I apologize if I offend anyone)

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I kinda like this concept. Id personally have the 'cross' be an Ankh style (and definitely NOT a bible) just to keep from pissing off people who are too easily offended. By exorcising ghosts did you mean turning hallucination transformations back into their normal counterparts or dealing damage to shadow beings? I was thinking of something similar recently but more in line with a Van Helsing character and was intending on having the number of 'demons' vanquished tie into the characters max sanity. Killing shadow beings would charge the characters -max- sanity (faith) which would also slowly diminish over time. I was also thinking of having some way of letting the player intentionally reducing their max sanity in exchange for restoring current sanity (not just direct restore like you mentioned).


Anyways im still gonna be working on that on my own after I finish a different current project, but since it is so similar to what you mentioned if you decide on specific details I could see about doing a version that meets what you want too.


OH, since you want your nun to gain sanity while near innocent mobs, might want to consider removing the "scarytoprey" tag on your nun so that those innocent rabbits/birds no longer flee when you get near them.

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I like the ankh thought definitely.  :D     Though that is more Egyptian.  (I do agree maybe a more general item though.) 

I was kinda of thinking a normal nun.  If you have seen the sister Act it would be like the youngest nun, the red head without the "full" nun outfit that hides their hair.


By exorcising ghosts I namely meant the ghost mobs that appear from graves or the ones that the "Ghosts and Graves" MOD creates.  :D   Though I do like the thought about possibly being able to banish/exorcise the shadows  caused by low sanity.  


The direct sanity recovery, I forgot to mention it would probably only be able to be used once every few days or so, or the item gets charged up as exorcising is done on ghosts, etc.    Your idea sounds intriguing though!  I think their would be a max "Max sanity"  like you can't go over 500 max sanity or something.  XD     But a changeable level of sanity available would be an interesting idea!  :)


Oh!  Thanks for that!  I will diffidently remember that when I try to figure out coding.  XD  


 I was planning on the innocent mobs not attacking/fleeing from her and her gaining sanity.  But as a penalty, because I feel that would make things op as a result, is that their is a sanity/double naughtiness penalty then for her killing innocent creatures/mobs.   This would make finding some foods harder than if no one wanted the penalty and could then only eats non-meats.

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The ankh is more druid/celtic as a symbol of community/fertility, not egyptian specifically. The shape of the ankh is a picture of copulation after all. Not that -that- detail matters, just dont want ya feeling an egyptian item would be out of place with the rest of the games setting.

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