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2.5D or 3D and LUA

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Hey guys,


This question would aim mostly for the DEV team and for experienced game development people.


I see that there is quite a bit of sprites used for objects and characters. The main characters are 4 plane, meaning facing the player which is used to animate as the player moves down, down-left, down-right of the screen, right plane - moving to the right, left plane - moving to the left, and back plane - moving up, up-left and up-right of the screen. So, obviously this avoids the entire 3D modeling aspect of the graphics design, which would be perfect for my little project. 


I have a few questions about Don't starve. The game is a 2.5D or 3D? I was wondering, what made you guys decide on implementing the camera rotation feature in the game? It sure has some advantages, but also has some disadvantages. Also, is LUA powerful enough to create any point and click (Don't Starve - like game?)


I am by no means a competition, just an average Joe learning how to program. I would appreciate if you could answer these questions and perhaps give some advice on learning LUA, for a noob like me.


You guys did an amazing job with the game!


Thanks a lot!



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