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Creating Animations?


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To create animations, you use Spriter.
I recorded a simple demo to show everyone the ropes here:

And you can find the official (much more brief, technical overview style) guides here:



As for converting them to an in-game state, you will need the Don't Starve Mod Tools from Steam. Since I use a Mac, I have not been able to do the conversion myself, but others have done it a number of times. Someone else will have to explain the process if this doesn't help:

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Thank you for the help.

One last question:

How would I go about seeing the files they already have? For example, if I wanted to mod the trees, how can I go about opening up their tree file to determine how I should match my design up with theirs?

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You can't use Flash, no. The reasons were explained elsewhere, but I'll just say that Spriter makes things easier for everyone.

And Spriter is actually pretty darn nice, too.


As I said, we can't bring existing animation into Spriter yet.

I do believe we may be able to in the not-too-distant future.

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