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Help with the Character Anim. Template?


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So I'm working on a charcter mod... my first mod... and I am sort of confused as to what each torso is for. It's also hard to tell (for me) if they are sideways, leaning, etc. Any help?


(I wont get in trouble for stealing this from the character tutorial thread, right? :razz:)

As you can see, there are many torso options I need to fill in. If someone could explain what each is

(possibly from left to right, the left-most can be 1 the next can be 2 etc.)

kind of like how the faces are labeled? In the character thread, the author put A = talking B = hurt etc.

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Try having a look at this. You'll want to look at the 'exported/torso' folder. The files are, in alphabetical arrangement with their default names, the three front views, the three side views, and the three back views, and finally, what I believe is a top view.


Should be able to figure it out from there. =)

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My brother told me this was a bottom view which has only one application and that is when mining rocks and your character does that jump.

I've thought it could be a bottom view as well - I said top, though, because there's a smidge of white visible that I think might be Wilson's collar.


I'm not certain, though.

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