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  1. Not at all. And this post probably wont even affect the game. The dev's might of already considered adding cannibalism, or maybe they already decided not to. Also, by now, I don't think one little update to the game (adding multiplayer) would attract hordes of attention. Where the game stands now (pretty popular and already bought by tons of people) it wouldn't matter if they added a couple pieces of meat falling out of Wendy on death.
  2. Why are people saying things like "If it HAS to be added, it would make you completely insane." You have to remember, you're not the one surviving. Wilson is. Willow is. Etc. When it comes to survival, you do whatever you can to survive. The characters aren't friends, they are just forced into the same world to survive in. Meat is meat. Cooked meat is meat. When the other player died, it should just be your dinner for the night. Can someone explain why this is a bad thing? Plus, it all comes down to how you were raised... I guess... and we're close to nothing when it comes to backstories. I also just thought: You'll eat a pig man, but not a man? They are probably closely related in evolution. Almost equally as smart. I doubt it would cause rating problems. It's a small mechanic.
  3. There IS a difference between a Rip-off and an easter egg... Anyways, can't wait!
  4. What if it's just like Super Mario Bros. 3 and when you reach the requirements, you enter a world where everything is just bigger. just because.
  5. Wilson isn't a genius, he is a scientist. He knows about science and apparently a bit of magic. Wickerbottom loves reading and knows a bit of everything. That's kinda the definition of genius, knowing everything. A scientist usually only has one profession. Just saying.
  6. After watching many youtubers, I realized I got the special ending. I got it by... After realizing this is all you have to do, and not seeing ANYONE ELSE DO IT... I wanted to punch my monitor. It's so simple and it was my first reaction! It should have been everyone's first reaction! :c It was very startling.
  7. The worst decision I keep making is replaying. It's such a fun game but I get pissed when I die and I was on any day past 40. That's about 5 hours(?) of gameplay I could lose. Then you have people at day 500 and day 999. When they die, they may end up in denial. Really hardcore denial. So bad, they won't enter the second stage of anger for a few days. it will be so bad. Anyways, gonna go play! Bye!
  8. Saaame. I'm very cocky and into myself, well at the same time very awkward and alone... but I prefer it that way. I am not COMPLETELY alone. I have a life.
  9. Well that's wonderful! I can't wait for that... my current world has 2 sets of wormholes near eachother and the other set is not far enough away to be helpful. Love the map but man... that sucks...
  10. I think it would be cool to be able to change the location of a wormhole with an item like this. You have to cook 2 in crock pots. One of the Worm baits have to be placed on the wormhole you want to move and it will eat it. Next you place down a second Worm Bait and after a few seconds, the wormhole will appear where you placed the second Worm Bait and eat it so it will then be at that location! I find this helps people with there maps, though they can't get it to early because they may need monster meat and something else to cook it on the crock pot. :applause:Obviously if anyone actually reads this and it is a possibility to the game, the guys at Klei can just change anything they want about this idea.