I've been thinking of character ideas, and... I kinda went overboard...

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Lemmings, Harken!


For I have spent at least a month coming up with character ideas, which range from "Amazing!" to "What is this crap? Ugh, is that a hand?"


Now it's time, for the presentation


(Note: I don't have a tablet, and I draw on lined paper, so there will be no images of these guys for now


Character #1

Name: West, The Janitor

"Oooooh, That won't feel good in the morning"

•Moves Faster on flooring and cobbles


•Can Clean flooring and cobbles, giving them a nice sheen



Character #2

Wade, The Bartender

"Always willing to bend an ear to a friend in need"

•Can mix potions with less materials

Maxwell: "Seems tense. Maybe I should stay out of his way."
Twigs: "Improvised drink mixers"


Character #3

Name: Walt, The Orderly

"Quiet! Or I'll beat you with my belt!"

•Scares enemies off in daytime
•Scares neutral mobs on first hit
•Improvised weapons are more effective

Axe: My trusty beating axe
Shovel: I'll shove em in a hole if they don't shut up
Pick: If I can destroy a rock, I can destroy you
Spear: This'll teach them!


Character #4

Name: Wendell, The Egghead


•Runs faster (years of running from bullies)
•Has more common-sense, but is scared easily
•Takes less damage


So, these are my characters so far, so do what ever you need with them! Beat them! Print them out and tear them to shreds! Chuck them in the Hudson River! Have elicit affairs with them! Kidnap them, then ask me for ransom! Or Sacrifice your loved ones to the great lord Cthulhu!

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Character #1


Well the first special ability is good but why do you care for cleaning the cobble and floors? What does it do?


Character #2


Hmm, maybe potion is an interesting thing, I suggested it before, so I kinda like it!


Character #3




Character #4


Taking less damage? You mean like Wolfgang using his special abilities? I agree with it quite a bit but dontcha think he should takes more damage because of being bullied?


That's all I have to say. Your characters ideas are quite good and well! Keep it up  :listening_headphone

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