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Screecher Mod won't start


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I tried loading up the Screecher Mod this morning, but it refuses to work for some reason. When I click on the logo in the main menu it tells me that Don't Starve needs to restart for the mod to work, but when I load it up again it says the same thing. I've been through this cycle about 4 times now and I'm stumped. Am I being stupid?

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I added the game to Steam, and it works fine. There must be a problem downloading it on standalone. Hope this helps!

As of the latest standalone update (88307), the mod works.  ;) Steam has the quickest access to updates/hotfixes, so that would explain why your Steam version works.

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It's quite a fun mod. I'm man enough to admit that it scared the beejeezus out of me! :-)

Same here. :p It wasn't horror-horror, as in the fear didn't linger, but the few jumpscares really did make me jump. xD It's really fun and amazingly constructed though, considering it is a mod.

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