Jumping through tears with bat wings!

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Hello guys after playing a bit Don't Starve I got to see some screenshots in Steam's Community hub of players sharing awesome moments they experienced and base camps they did. Amongst them was a screenshot of a smal portion of the map surrounded by sea and the description of it was "How the hell I'm getting out of here?". Well, I know this is some kind of bug but it got me thinking sometimes there are huge tears of sea between the character and the next piece of land we want to get to, and we have to go arround it. The solution would be a small glider with made with bat wings and sticks and whatever you want to really that would allow the player to jump a short distance.

This is not an item I really would want to have in the game, has a mod maybe. Maybe it's not a good idea at all, and that's why I posted it here, maybe it will inspire some creative people to get something beutiful out of their minds!

What do you guys think?

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