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  1. This is really cool, been suporting Don't Starve because I believe in it but I have accepted the fact of "no multiplayer. Nevertheless these are great news and it will really bring some new players to the family. I'm impressed with this team, you are amazing, thank you for this really fresh and ever evolving game! THANK YOU.
  2. Hello I Draw The Art

    Cool drawings, thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks a lot for this great update, have been enjoying Don't Starve a lot, mod and controller support and everything, you are are great! Thank you for dedicating so much work to your players making a great game, I'm glad I bought it. Congratulations!
  4. Great plans for Don't Starve, it really seems a good decision to make what you have better instead of just keep adding new elements to the world without connecting everything. It's really rare the times I buy a video game, I just buy it if I think it's really good, and that's the reason I bought Don't Starve, it's selling at a reasonable price, same key for every platform, free updates, pretty neat! Nevertheless I just don't buy games more often because it's financialy impossible for me so I made an effort to make sure my contribuition is received between many by buying the game, and I expected to have eveything that comes and will come for it, so it's strange for me a payed DLC. In the other hand I understand they may need some financing to keep the project going so I guess I support it to, if that even matters. Thanks Klei for presenting us great game.
  5. I have bought and playing Don't Starve for some time now and the game it's really interesting and the amazing effort put into the game since new awesome content to mod and controller support. I don't regret buying the game, feels great to give my contribuition for the project and watch it grow, how Klei and Don't Starve team find ways of keeping us entertained with this great artistic video game. Thank you all, the modding community and Klei for really make such an interesting and entertaining piece of work.
  6. That character is amazing, I think he souldn't smile "in game", because as a portrait it shows his madness but if he's constanly smiling in game it looks like a happy guy, at least if he smiles that way.What a great concept for a character fit's really well within the game, congratulations and keep the good work!