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how can i get my steam cdkey without the client?

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so i'm stuck at relatives and the only computers with internet access are at the library but they're on lock down (need admin rights to install steam, directx, etc) but i read that since i bought the steam version i can play on the google chrome version too but i am unable to retrieve my cdkey because i cannot log into the steam client


i tried logging into the steam website to see if i could view cdkeys on it but no


i was thinking of contacting steam but they often take a week to reply and i kinda want to play it now  :wilson_livid:


i was wondering if klei could assist me in recovering my cdkey sooner...if not i'll wait on steam support  :wilson_ill:

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Also, (as noted at the end of the help response,) see this link and they can help you retrieve your info there if you can't retrieve your account from the first link. If contacting Klei, I highly recommend you mention the email used to activate your DS account even if the support ticket email is the same one requested for contact.  


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