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Troubleshooting: Steam/Standalone Problems and Solutions

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These are some of the basic steps you can take to hopefully resolve some common issues for Mark of the Ninja on Steam and Standalone on your own without having to wait for a reply on the forum.







Verify Game Cache Integrity

  • Missing Textures
  • Crashes

Often the problems that users are experiencing are a result of their local games files being either corrupted, or incompletely downloaded from Steam. These problems include missing textures or effects, or crashing when loading a specific level or when reaching a specific place in a level, but other levels are working fine.

Fortunately, this is quick and easy to verify and fix! 

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right click on "Mark of the Ninja"
  • Select "Properties"
  • Select the "Local Files" tab
  • Click the "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache..." button.
  • When the process is complete, launch Mark of the Ninja

( From Steam's online support: https://support.stea...=2037-QEUH-3335 )

Switch Between Integrated to Discreet Graphics (MAC OS X)

  • Graphics Issues (Resolution, Black Screens, Flashing)

Some users may experience issues with resolution, black screens, and flashing screens. We've found that switching between discrete and integrated graphics fixes the issue. Try turning off automatic graphics switching in your Energy Save preference pane – choose “Discreet Only” and turning “Switching” off when running Mark of the Ninja.

Re-Run DirectX Installer

  • Cinematic Issues

Some users may experience issues watching cinematics or in-game cut-scenes, such as the sound playing but the screen being black. We've found that re-running the DirectX installer (even if you already have a recent version of DirectX installed) can resolve these issues. 


You can find and run the DirectX installer here:


Disable Controllers

  • Input Issues
  • Controller Tips Displaying When Playing With Keyboard/Mouse

Some users experience issues such as the game behaving as though an arrow key or a controller button is being held down, even when it isn't. This can occur when non-standard controllers, or even USB devices that are not controllers (eg. Razer Nostromo) are incorrectly detected and used as controllers by the game.


For the same reason, some users may find that the game displays controller related tips and controls when they have no controllers plugged in and are playing with the keyboard and mouse.


To resolve either situation, is it possible to force the game to ignore all controllers, and use only the keyboard and mouse. 

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right click on "Mark of the Ninja"
  • Select "Properties"
  • Select "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..."
  • Type in "-nocontroller" without the quotes
  • Click "OK"
  • Launch Mark of the Ninja

Configure nVidia Control Panel

  • Slow performance on laptop with nVidia graphics

Some laptops with nVidia graphics actually contain 2 graphics chips, an Intel integrated chip for power saving, and a dedicated nVidia chip for high performance uses such as games. Your graphics driver will try to detect which one to use based on the program you are running, but may not correctly detect that the high performance chip is required for Mark of the Ninja.


You can manually set the game to run in high-performance mode, which can improve performance significantly.



  • Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel by right clicking on your desktop and clicking on "NVIDIA Control Panel".
  • Select "Manage 3D Settings" on the left hand list, and the "Program Settings" tab on the right hand side.
  • Under "1. Select a program to customize:" hit the "Add" button.
  • From here, navigate to the folder where your steam games are located. Probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\mark_of_the_ninja\bin
  • Select "game.exe" and hit open
  • Then, under "2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:" open the drop-down menu and select "High-performance NVIDIA processor".
  • Finally, hit apply in the far bottom right corner.

The next time you start Mark of the Ninja it should now be using the high performance graphics chip.


*Note that nVidia Control Panel may display the name of the game incorrectly, for example on my laptop it lists it as "Blitzkrieg II"  :confused:, but the icon is identifiable as Mark of the Ninja. 


How To Reset Game Progress:


In the latest Steam release of the game, there is a new Reset Game button on the Settings screen. Pressing this will reset all of your game progress, clear unlocks, etc... so you can start the game over again from the beginning.

Achievements will not be cleared, as these are stored permanently on Steam's systems. 





Xbox 360 Controller Issue: Sometimes the default Linux Xbox controller driver (xpad) just refuses to deal with the triggers properly (running and hypersense). The generally accepted fix in the Steam community for when this happens is to install the xboxdrv drivers instead. (http://pingus.seul.o...rumbel/xboxdrv/)


Also, sometimes the gamepad drivers can give phantom inputs; for example, when using gaming keyboards that have extra scrollwheels etc. on them. This is an issue we're working on, but in the meantime the controller can be disabled using the "-nocontroller" command-line switch


Linux Standalone unable to launch: Usually this is because of security programs or settings removing permissions from the executable inside the zip file. Making bin/ninja-bin32 and bin/ninja-bin64 executable using 'chmod +x' should fix this.


Mac OS X


Gameplay Slowdown: Sometimes Mark of the Ninja standalone experiences slowdown on older Macs. Unfortunately, the solution is to reduce the resolution to a more recommended/supported setting.


Mac Standalone unable to launch: Like with Linux, sometimes the Mac standalone game is unable to run because security settings/programs have removed permissions from the executable. Using the Terminal to navigate to and calling 'chmod +x ninja' should fix this also.

  • Open Terminal app (in Applications -> Utilities)
  • copy this line into Terminal without the quotes : "chmod +x /Applications/"
  • Press Enter/Return

Please note that this will work if you placed ninja into Applications. If this is not the case, simply update the previous path to your path.


If you've tried all the steps noted here and are still encountering issues, check out "Logs and Useful Info for Bug Reports," prepare the necessary logs and contact us here:

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