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[Linux] Dual Monitors, several errors

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Azathot    0



I've detected an annoying problem with MotN (both Steam and non-DRM version).

I use a dual monitor setup and everytime I start MotN it deactivates one monitor. That would not be much of a problem but unfortunately I have one 1680x1050 (primary) and one 1280x1024 (secondary) monitor. Now the game only launches on the secondary monitor (and automatically making it primary).

It also messes with the monitors resolution and after I tried to at least get the game to the monitors native resolution I only get a black window from the game.

I tried deactivating the secondary monitor in the Nvidia driver, but even then the game launched on the secondary monitor and deactivated the primary.

After I exit the game I have to manually readjust all my settings.


I could deal with the game deactivating the secondary monitor, even though that would still be annoying but not being able to play it on the correct monitor is a huge dealbreaker (second monitor sucks and is just in place for office tasks). Is there any known fix to this problem (google only gave me a few people with the same problem but no solution)?

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simplex    2610

First note that this is by no means a solution, only an attempt at a workaround.

Have you tried disabling the monitor through X, properly speaking? First find the output name by looking at what's printed by running

$ xrandr
and then (assuming for the sake of example that it's called HDMI2), run

$ xrandr --output HDMI2 --off
To get the secondary monitor reenabled afterwards, run

$ xrandr --output HDMI2 --auto

To reset the monitor resolution after the game ends, you could do (from a terminal whose window resides in it)

$ xrandr --size 0
which would set its resolution to the native one.

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