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[WIP] Blair the Cat

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I am in the middle of creating a cool new character called Blair the Cat. She is no ordinary cat though, you see after being trapped in the Realm of Don't Starve she began to manifest her supernatural powers to escape. She has long since escaped back to her true realm, but you are given the chance to play as Blair through her adventures while in the Don't Starve Realm.


Being an innately powerful magic user, she is able to take Human form. This comes at a cost though, she loses some of the beneficial abilities of the cat form, but gaining human beneficial abilities.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Ability to create pumpkin bombs with magic. This ability reduces her current health meter.
  • Witches Hat: Increase sanity, keeps the wearer warm, and reduces damage by 50%.
  • Magic is learnt sooner, much sooner.
  • Does not lose sanity from magic items.
  • Fish are more beneficial.
  • Starts with knowing how to build a Fishing Rod and a Fishing Rod.


  • Only able to wear the witches hat.
  • Dogs attack more frequently and deal more damage while in cat form.
  • She is overly friendly, Beefalo, Bunnymen, Kolaphant, Pigs, and Rabbits follow without persuasion. Beware there are consequences to being an overly friendly magic user.
  • Birds appear less often while in cat form.
  • Becomes afraid easily, causing her magic to become unstable.


  • Magical abilities, see magical abilities.
  • Lives in a pumpkin house.
  • Amulet used to transform in between forms while worn.
  • Spits up hair balls while in cat form.
  • Crystal Ball, see crystal ball.

Magical Abilities:

  • Pumpkin House: Allows you to build a pumpkin house, can only be used once per map.
  • Pumpkin Bomb: Area of effect explosion attack, dealing large scale damage.
  • Levitation: Brings objects to you, this can be activated/deactivated.
  • Absorption*: Allows you to eat nightmare fuel.

* - Nightmare Fuel will empower you for a short while.


Cat Form Abilities:

  • Night vision, radius of a torch.
  • Faster movement.
  • Very agile, the ability to dodge more attacks.
  • Claws deal significant damage, comparative to 3/4 a Tentacle Spike.
  • Can fish without the need of a Fishing Rod.
  • Raw fish is twice as beneficial. Cooked fish is four times beneficial.

Human Form Abilities:

  • Gains the ability to use tools, weapons, and armor.
  • Gains the ability to place researched items, like camp fires, science machine, etc.

Crystal Ball:

The crystal ball can be refueled by the following, the effects are activated for the durability the ball is fueled.

  • Nightmare Fuel: Cat Form
  • Red Gem: Night vision while in human form.
  • Blue Gem: Summons ghost to aid and protect you.
  • Purple Gem: Restores sanity over time.
  • Green Gem: Restores hunger over time.
  • Yellow Gem*: Skips to the beginning of the next day.
  • Orange Gem: Allows you to use different hats.

* - Requires 10 yellow gems, one time use.



  • Hunger: 75
  • Health: 100
  • Sanity: 150






Created artwork for animations.

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