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After thoroughly exploring the ruins and playing with all the new items I got an idea from the Lazy Explorer.  On every created world there is a small island not connected by any land mass to the main world-the only way to access this would be with the Lazy Explorer (crafted in ruins).  As to what is on that island the Devs and/or modders could play with a few ideas.  Obviously the island would be a sort of an end-no new person is going to create a world and spelunk all the way down to the ruins, gathering up everything necessary without extreme risks.  So there are a couple different options-more or less a collection of ideas that could be incorperated:

Perhaps move Maxwell's door to the island to make it more of an ending-conquer your survival world before you conquer adventure.  This way you are intergrating the caves/ruins into the game, instead of an optional part of it.

Depending on your gameplay style this island should either be a rewarding ending or keeping up with the theme of the game more difficult. 

If a rewarding type of ending is your style I envision it to be like the first part of Two Worlds from adventure-mostly sunlight, plentiful foods and resources, etc.  Maybe since the island is secluded the hounds can not reach you?  When you get up there in the large number of days the hounds aren't a threat, just a nuisannce.  Tooth traps are plentiful, walking canes can run you to safety/pig villages.  Make things like mandrakes more common (I've played numerous fully explored worlds and only had ONE of them in my inventory).  At that late in the game though it really isn't necessary, as most people have tons of farms, bee hives, crock pots, etc, so the only reward would really be more daylight.  So perhaps instead of resources the island is more tropical and gives players a means of skipping winter?  Caves are already immune to the cold, why not an island?

If you prefer a harder ending, from DS world->caves->ruins->island then a rugged tentacle infested wasteland filled with hound mounds, spider queens, clockworks, whatever evil baddies your heart desires.  On top of that limited daylight-fight your way to adventure mode.  At that point you have already worked through ruins so you would have good Thulecite Armor/Crown, and other useful items to make the final quest to Maxwell's door more challenging.

You could even find middle ground-a rewarding secluded land with perks of extra sun, mandrakes/no winter/hounds BUT you have to destroy all the evil inhabitants that have multiplied and flourished.

I searched the forums and couldn't find anything very similar to this.  Any thoughts/ideas?  Love it or hate it?

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