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Hm, I've posted an idea recently in another place about how this game is getting boring(It was in Shadow Thing's blog/A new monster), and it incluides a reptile mob

Hm, maybe migrating insects? (Grasshopers??) Who would eat your crops, all the trees would be on the "dead" state for a while, berries would need to be fertilized again and grass as well? It would be a rare occurrence on summer, really rare, maybe after 2-3 winters?

Second idea: A reptile-like mob who leaves hybernation after winter sometimes, it would look more or less like a crocodile and would come out of a "mud mound"(yes, crocodiles can stay 1 year sleeping underground, surviving only with fat stored in their tails, it mostly occurs in dry places, like places near deserts in Africa, in fact, crocodiles were found hybernating underground in a desert border in Egypt, just waiting for the rain), of course it wouldn't happen every summer, but you'd need to be prepared as there's no much regularity for it to happen. The mud mounds can be found on swamps.

The first sign of a "crocodile summer" would be a great amount of rain, that would melt the crocodile's burrow and it would wake up, searching for food, wich can be anything, from rabbits to beefalos and YOU. Another sign would be a strange behaviour that almost every other mob would display:

-Pigs would be more agressive-scared and would hide in their houses for most of the day

-Birds will not land as often

-Beefalos will migrate to safer places(dry rockylands) and will be more agressive-scared as well

-Rabbits sometimes won't leave their burrows at day

-Even spiders would be moving to safer places, so a big number of spiders can be found awake at day.

Crocodile stats:

>Health: Varies with crocodile size, from "baby" ones(120) to monstruous adults(1000)

>Attack: Also varies with size, from 35 to 90, also, big crocodiles have  a special "death roll" attack, wich can kill most characters if those are without armor (but to peform this attack, a crocodile would need to grab the player, so it would happen rarely with players, being used mostly with big mobs like beefalo).

>Speed:almost player speed at most biomes, but it is REALLY fast when on a swamp area, around the same speed of a hound. Also, bigger crocodiles are much slower than smaller ones

>Special ability: Is faster on swamps, has a scaly skin that's really hard and protects it from damage(30-85 %, varies with size), big ones have a "death roll" atack.

>Drops: Crocodile leather(can be used to craft armour, boots  :razz:, and a better backpack), crocodile meat(needs to be cooked, if not, deals some damage to player), crocodile tooth(used for some kind of weapon, or something else) and whatever was on it's stomach(morsels, feathers, silk...).        

Big crocodiles will sometimes make a nest and lay some eggs there, wich, if not destroyed, would hatch into more crocodiles, wich will increase their population (they'll return after hybernating, bigger and stronger, with risk of infesting your world if not controlled in time).A crocodile will defend it's nest with it's life, being agressive even to birds.

As winter approaches, crocodiles would head back to swamps, digging a new burrow and hybernating untill the next "crocodile summer".

So, if those mobs were added, I would kill as many as I could while they're small and weaker and atack their nests as well, preventing them from litteraly infesting the whole world, as well as stocking food, fencing beefalos to protect them and any other important mob farm, and placing traps around crocodile burrows.

What do you think of this idea? (The "crocodile" term is used only as a reference, as the mob looks like a crocodile, but it's a ugly reptile who sleeps under the swamps biomes-'cause all mobs from swamps are ugly-it has the "face" of a crocodile but a thiner body, like a monitor's lizard one)



(Side note: The thread this is from also has this little gem, from EvilSquid:

That's the main problem with caves/ruins - you can avoid all the enemies by just not going in there! OK you miss out on some stuff (caves are handy for rocks if nothing else) - but the world is crying out for another big-ass mofo that will punch your ass so hard your balls come out through your head, then rip off your head and **** down your neck, then throw your dismembered head up in the air, then use your decapitated body to hit your head so hard your balls fall off, then tear open your nutsack and feast on what may have once been the beginnings of your future children. Or something nasty anyway.
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