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It seems that i run out to fast... day 1 get food day day 2 do stuff day 3 get food day 4 get food day 5 do stuff....for ever 1 day i have to send 1 day + alittle bit more to get food.....How many people do you know that eats 6 rabits aday?....my dude does ....and not 1 bit of it is wasted (i keep him in the range of about 20-55%)....But that is like 36 rabits a week

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Well depending on what you are doing you should be able to survive of 4 cooked meat morsels a day. During that time you should be collecting everything you need to advance in the game and other food sources as they appear (berries and carrots). Eventually you'll unlock farming, and then the turbo farming plot. With this plot, along with manure and seeds, you can easily build a large food supply (1 seed + 3 manure = 1 veggie/fruit, as fast as you can use all 4 items).

Are you having any other issues with food?

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Find more varied sources of food. Berries are everywhere, as are carrots. And once you get yourself settled, you can go after the bigger meat.Dude... Rabbits are really small. How hungry do you think you'd be if you were chopping down trees and mining rocks all day?

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Are you eating morsels or cooked morsels?

If you are eating the uncooked one, it does restore relatively low hunger points same with berries or carrots. So my suggestion is to cook them over a fire and then consume them. I barely worry about food cause I got a cooking pot early in the game. That way you can cook food that restores ~70 hunger points.

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